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Vinyl Fencing in Aiken, SC


Aiken Fence Company provides all your vinyl privacy fencing needs. Do you need to replace a vinyl fence? Are you in need of vinyl fencing repair? Wanting to build a privacy fence? We can build or repair any vinyl fencing.


Advantages of Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is Simple to Install

Vinyl fence installation is one of the easiest and fastest fencing projects to accomplish. However, it takes a professional fence contractor to do it right, and in South Carolina, Aiken Fence Company experts are your best choice. Vinyl fencing involves prefabricated materials, which makes installation easier than other fencing products. However, if an experienced fencing contractor installs, it could end up costing you twice the amount as it may have to be torn out and completely replaced.

Vinyl is Less Expensive than Wood and Iron Fencing

Vinyl makes fencing cost-efficient compared to iron or wood. It’s maintenance cost helps you save money long-term, and you won’t have to buy paint, pesticides or any other maintenance items like you will for wood fencing.

Vinyl Lasts a Long Time

With regular maintenance, your vinyl fence can last from 20 to 30 years. Vinyl fence contractors recommend vinyl fencing installation for all homeowners who value long-lasting materials that won’t dig deep into their pockets. Routine maintenance is key to a long-lasting fence.

It Comes in a Variety of Choices

A vinyl fence comes in many choices of colors, textures, shapes, heights, toppers and more. Pick a model that reflects your personality, house style, environment and neighborhood. At Aiken Fence Company, we provide many lovely design choices for you. Call us today and we can design a custom vinyl fence for your needs.

It’s Safe and Non-Toxic

Vinyl is both fire-resistant and pest-resistant. Hence, termites won’t eat your fence and there aren’t splinters to cause injury. As a non-toxic material, any fence made of vinyl needs no application of harmful chemicals. It’s also recyclable, which makes it a long-term investment you can feel good about.


Vinyl Fence Routing Care and Upkeep


Once a vinyl fence installation is completed, cleaning and washing the fence are your routine maintenance tasks. You will need to clean/wash the fence regularly because it gets dirt particles from rainwater, loose material from storms and wind storms, leaves and papers. Cleaning a vinyl fence is easy with a non-abrasive, home detergent mixed with water and a soft sponge.

Get Rid of Any Mildew and Persistent Stains

Check where panels meet posts for mildew and in the strangest places for stubborn stains. As your vinyl fence contractor, we advise homeowners to apply mineral spirits in a soft cloth to wipe the dirt away. Also, mix warm water and laundry detergent to remove the mildew. Then, rinse it with clean water using a garden hose.

Trim Overhanging Branches

Fallen tree branches are a common reason for fences needing repair. Branches that hang over your fence can damage it during a storm or shade it from sunlight and encourage mildew. Trees can block the beautiful appearance of your fence, and the roots can interrupt the stability of your fence. As your vinyl fence contractor, we caution that you cut such branches before they fully overhang.

Walk the Fence

Occasionally walk around it and test its stability by shaking the posts. Walk along with a toolkit for tightening any loose screws or panel joins. At Aiken Fence Company, we recommend you do such inspections in early fall and perhaps before summer as well.

Make Repairs Immediately

Vinyl fencing is exceptionally sturdy and long-lasting, but heavy tree limbs can still fall and damage parts of it. Once this happens, order similar replacement pieces from us and our fence installers will provide the pieces and the repair/replacement in no time.


Vinyl Privacy Fence Styles and Sizes


Aiken Fence Company is your go-to fence contractor to get the best vinyl fence installation that comes with a wide selection of vinyl privacy fence styles, sizes and colors. We also provide different types of professional-quality fencing installation services that feature weather capable, elegant, durable and popular styles. Whether you prefer a vinyl fence with a heavy-duty design or a simple privacy fence style with a decorative accent, scalloped picket accent or sunburst accent top, we’ll provide it beyond your expectation. Here are some of the Vinyl Privacy Fence Styles we provide:

  • Pembroke
  • Savannah
  • Glenshire
  • Ashton
  • Mason
  • Halifax
  • Annapolis

Our vinyl fence installation service offers a range of sizes to meet your fencing needs. The heights are typically 5-foot, 6-foot, and 8-foot or we can provide a custom vinyl privacy fence to meet your needs.

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