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Swimming Pool Fencing in Aiken, SC

South Carolina law requires all pools and spas  have pool fencing and a gate that latches that is 48 inches above the ground with spacing between vertical members not to exceed 1.75 inhes in width. If you have a swimming pool and live in Aiken or the Midlands area, call us today for your swimming pool fencing needs.

Aiken Fence Company offers expert swimming pool fence installation, maintenance, and repair. Swimming pool fences are a necessary (and legal) requirement for homeowners in South Carolina. If you are in the market for a new pool fence installed or you have repairs that need to be done to your fence or gate, don’t hesitate to call us now. Don’t allow your home to be out of compliance with South Carolina regulations. We can build or repair any pool fencing for you.


We are your swimming pool fencing experts

We are Aiken Fence Company, the only Aiken fence company you will ever need for all your pool fencing needs! We are experts when it comes to swimming pool fences. Our expert fence installers build pool security fences that assure the safety of your pool. All swimming pool fences we build comply to state and local regulations of Aiken and the state of South Carolina. Additionally, we also offer repair services for pool fences.

However, before you make your decision we want you to know exactly why you need a fence for your swimming pool.


Why do I need a swimming pool fence?

Apart from being a legal requirement in the state of South Carolina, having a pool fence is extremely important for any pool. These fences keep small children out of the pool area and therefore, prevent any unfortunate accidents. They also stop any unwanted guests  from entering as the fences are difficult to climb or knock down.

In addition, pool privacy fencing gives you the ability to enjoy your home without everyone in the neighborhood watching you! Thus, they are vital for your personal privacy and that of anyone who uses the pool.

Overall, pool fencing is for the benefit of the community as it prevents any misfortunes and accidents. Pool fencing is an investment of both safety and security for the homeowner, their children, as well as guests and friends.


How can I make sure my pool fence is in good condition?

In the same way that actually having a pool fence is mandatory by law, so is its maintenance and upkeep. Aiken Fence Company is available for any repair work your pool fence needs.

While we do our best to build fences that stay in peak condition for a long time, wear and tear is inevitable. Eventually your fence will need attention and we can help. Sometimes it’s the weather that takes its toll and other times it is an unforeseen accident.

If you avoid the repair of your swimming pool fence, you might find yourself facing a bad accident or possibly legal action against you. This is why we recommend immediate response whenever the fence around your pool needs repair.


What are the types and styles of pool fences to choose from?

While your fence’s design can be as fantastic as you want it to be, the usual material used to construct them are:

  1. Wire
  2. Wood Privacy Fencing
  3. Steel
  4. Aluminium
  5. Glass

Each of these different types of material can be used in a variety of applications. However, the most common styles when it comes to pool fencing are:

  • Net Fencing: This type of fencing around a pool is usually intended for homes with small children. It’s typically a five-foot high barrier around the pool intended to keep small children and small pets out of the pool.
  • Simple Bars: This is the basic pool fence design and involves bars placed around the pool and linked at the top by a long bar.
  • Wave Bars: This design is almost identical to the Simple Bars design, except that the bars are linked to each other by small curves (much like waves)
  • Spike Bars: This adds a layer of extra security to the Simple Bar design by placing a spike on all or a few of the bars.
  • Wood or Vinyl Privacy: This is an ideal choice for maximum privacy in neighborhoods, especially if you want to be shielded from neighbors.
  • Glass walls: This design includes transparent walls around your pool that are stylish and do the job, but do little to protect your privacy.

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