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We offer chain link fencing services in Aiken, SC and surrounding areas.

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Chain Link Fencing in Aiken, SC

Aiken Fence Company provides chain link fencing installation to both residential and commercial customers. Does your home need a new or repaired fence? Is your business or commercial property in need of a fence project? We can build or repair any project you have.

Five Benefits of Chain Link Fences

Better Home Security

Chain-link fencing can help prevent criminals, unwanted guests, and animals from accessing your property. This type of installation can also  allow your kids, pets, and belongings to be secured and protected.

Budget Conscious Fencing Option

It takes a relatively low budget to enclose your entire property or fence your acre-stretched backyard with a chain-link, even if it’s a vinyl coated fence. At Aiken Fence Company, our multiple styles and sizes of fences help you save money.

Low Fence Upkeep

Apart from installation services, galvanized chain-link fences come chemically treated and require relatively very little work and expense except periodic hose spraying.

Increased Home Value

A chain-link adds more value to your property, attracts more buyers, and increases the value of a property, which is great for resale! That’s also what makes commercial fencing popular among business owners.

Quicker Fence Installation

If you need your residential or commercial fencing project completed in a hurry, a chain fence option makes a great choice. It takes a short time to build, irrespective of the size, material and design.


How to Maintain a Chain Link Fence

If you’re not sure how to provide maintenance and care for your fencing, we provide maintenance and upkeep services for all types, such as vinyl coated chain link as well as residential and commercial fencing.

Get Rid of Destructive Rust

It’s important that your fence gets the proper coating it needs to resist rust from rain or dew moisture. A chain link fence is super strong and durable but fighting rust is vital.

Oil The Hinges

Ensure that your fence’s gate hinges are rust-free. Regular application of oil on those hinges keeps rust away from the gate and allows it to function properly.

Do a Loose Hardware Check

Don’t let loose screws and bolts cause severe damage to your fence by checking and tightening every loose screw and bolt as well as paying close attention to gate hardware and software.

Cleaning the Fence

Periodic cleaning of accumulated dirt and grass from your chain link is important. Soapy water can help in washing as you enter seasons. Begin with wax and next, oil the springs, joints, latches of your fence and more, using mineral oil. Steel wool is good for sanding away mild scratches.

Get Professional Fencing Contractor Assistance

Get professional help from experts in the fencing industry in Aiken. Note that property owners are typically not equipped to handle every fencing job, especially complex commercial chain link fencing issues such as vinyl coated chain link fence problems.


Chain Link Fence Styles and Sizes

Basic wire materials

Whether you’re looking to choose from these three basic wire materials; aluminum wires, zinc-coated wires, and stainless steel wires, we’re ready to provide you with any style you need.

Here are some of the basic chain link fence styles:

  • Galvanized Chain Link Fence
  • Polymer Coated and PVC Coated
  • Aluminum
  • Aluminized Chain-Link Fencing Fabric
  • Heavy Chain Link Fencing
  • Vinyl Coated
  • Stainless Steel Chain Link Fencing
  • GAW Chain Link Fencing
  • Chain Link Fence Panels
  • Diamond Wire Mesh
  • Color-Coated
  • Metallic-Coated
  • Slatted
  • Estate Fence
  • Garden Fences and Trellises

Choose the size you need, and we’ll provide it. Our common heights start from 3 ft up to 12 ft, but we can customize any size for you. For common mesh gauges, we provide a Mesh length of 9, 11, and 11.5 as well as 2 for a standard diamond size.

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